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Simon Berry



Simon has worked as an Independent Executive (interim manager, consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker) for over 20 years. Prior to that he was a director of NCR Ltd, a global computer company.


His clients have spanned many industries including technology, financial services, government and professional services and include organisations such as Intel, SGI, HSBC, Cobham, Polycasa, Thomas International, RBoS, Ace, RAF, NHS and many more.


For the last twelve years, he has focused on helping others build successful independent careers. In total over 3500 senior executives have taken his workshops or had one to one coaching with him.


If you like the idea of a career as an independent executive, but are not sure if it's right for you, or if you are already an independent executive looking to win your next assignment, then book a no-obligation 45-minute strategy call to discuss your situation and aspirations with Simon Berry.

Simon has helped over 4000 senior people with with these very challenges.

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Weekly T.I.E. Roundtable on WINNING ASSIGNMENTS.

Every second Monday 11.00am-12.00am on Zoom. Cost just £10.00. 

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