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"Simon Berry stands out as one of the foremost experts in interim style careers. His knowledge and insight has been crucial in understanding and exploring Interim as an intentional career choice rather than as a fill-in between "permanent" roles. If you are considering whether this is the right direction for you, a conversation with Simon will set you straight"

Christopher R


“In a few short hours he helped me crystalise my plans. His experience and abilities to transfer knowledge answered numerous questions – even questions I didn’t know I had! Simon has a friendly, yet authoritative style overlaid on a “get it done” approach. As a direct result of his insight and guidance, I have enjoyed an outstanding period in Interim Management.
Without doubt, time with Simon was one of the best investments I have ever made. Whether you are just thinking of stepping out on your own, are looking for a sounding board or need to re-focus, contact Simon. You will not be disappointed"

Eammon P


"Not only truly enjoyed our conversation but got amazing insights and great ideas to explore and work on"

Maria H

“Brilliant conversation with Simon during which I really clarified in my own mind how to position myself to clients and on LinkedIn - very helpful and lots of food for thought. Thank you!”

Sarah V

The style of the event was terrific and kept me engaged. The discussion about how to market your services was particularly valuable.

Nick F

“Having decided that I wished to leave the security of full-time employment, I felt I needed some really good advice to help me plan my new life as an “interim” manager. I wanted to be able to speak to someone directly – to receive help and suggestions that were tailored to my personal circumstances, and help me to achieve my specific goals. Working with Simon provided me with sound advice, and a list of actions – these have helped me enormously in the setting up and marketing of my business, and I would have no hesitation in recommending a coaching session to anyone considering a similar move themselves"

Martin S

I would summarise as a must-attend to fellow interim colleagues even if they have been an interim for sometime.

David B

An excellent workshop providing valuable insights to refine & improve strategies I am already using and to adopt new approaches I had not previously considered.

Richard K

Very useful and relevant with skills and lessons which can be applied immediately. Fantastic day, well spent.

Karina C

Informative, inspiring and captivating.

Jason B

Excellent - many good tips and a clarity of vision

Peter S


If you like the idea of a career as an independent executive, but are not sure if it's right for you, or you are an existing independent executive looking to win assignments, then book a 45-minute no-obligation strategy call to discuss your situation and aspirations with Simon Berry.

Simon has helped over 4000 people with these very challenges.

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Weekly T.I.E. Roundtable on WINNING ASSIGNMENTS.

Every second Monday 11.00am-12.00am on Zoom. Cost just £10.00. 

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