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Small Group Mastermind


Collaborate with like-minded people to win your next assignment.

It’s a challenging market

Whilst the market is difficult currently, it is predicted to pick up significantly as we come out of lockdown and organisations start to design and implement solutions to the challenges thrown up by the pandemic, Brexit and environmental targets. Now is the time to start honing your value proposition and creating awareness in your target market on you can help. It’s not easy and is made so much more so when you go it alone.


The Power of groups

When I try and do it all myself, I tend to go round and round in circles achieving little other than frustration. I have always found that talking through my ideas with others and getting their feedback and suggestions has always been incredibly valuable. I have developed the marketing mastermind group to create small groups of like-minded people to challenge, support, give feedback, encourage, hold accountable and ultimately help each other win their next (or first) role/assignment.  

The Marketing Mastermind Group

Each group has just four consultants/interim managers who want to hone their skills in winning assignments. The group will be led and facilitated by me, Simon Berry. Over the last twelve years, I have helped around 3000 people improve their marketing approach to build successful independent careers.

The process

  1. Each of the delegates will complete the online Winning Assignments Material. This comprises a mix of 25 videos and assignments covering topics including personal branding, selecting target markets, how to network and who to network with, performing well in 'interviews', creating compelling Linkedin profiles and CVs and much more. You will have access to the program for a full year. Completing the program will not only help you build an effective marketing approach, but will also enable you to pinpoint those areas where you would like further help in the subsequent group coaching sessions.

  2. We will all meet virtually (Zoom) for two hours to introduce ourselves. We will each talk through our plans (developed in the online material) highlighting our challenges, the specific help we would like and the key questions we want to be answered. We will then discuss and address these in the following 4 coaching sessions.

  3. We will then meet for 90 minutes every two weeks for 2 months (4 sessions) to check in on progress and address the challenges each have faced as they implement their plans.


In summary

You get:

  • One-years access to the Winning Assignments online program

  • Eight hours of follow up coaching

  • Working with like-minded people to help, encourage, challenge and support you



The price is £495.00 + VAT. Our feedback in previous programs has been fantastic, but everyone is different. We want you to find real value in the sessions, so if you do not feel that you have gained significant value from the online program and the first coaching session, you will get a no-quibble full refund.

If you want to discuss this with Simon, please email him at or call him on 07768 596026 

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