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If you like the idea of a career as an independent executive, but are not sure if it's right for you, or you are an existing independent executive looking to win assignments, then book a 45-minute no-obligation strategy call to discuss your situation and aspirations with Simon Berry.

Simon has helped over 4000 people with these very challenges.

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Weekly T.I.E. Roundtable on WINNING ASSIGNMENTS.

Every second Monday 11.00am-12.00am on Zoom. Cost just £10.00. 

Is the corporate life no longer giving you the challenge, variety, and balance you crave?

Life as an independent executive (e.g. consultant, interim manager, freelancer, contractor) can be exciting, challenging and rewarding. You can break free of damaging corporate politics and experience the real freedom of working for yourself - choosing the type of organisations you want to work for and the 'projects' you want to take on.

If that's not all, you get to exercise more control over your work/life balance AND enjoy significant financial benefits.

But this life certainly isn't for everyone.

If you're interested, but still not sure if it is for you, then book a free, no-obligation strategy call with Simon. Simon has already helped thousands of senior people in your position make an informed career choice. To book your call, click the link below.

If you:

  • Are at the stage of considering a career as an independent executive as one of your options, we can help you decide if it would suit you and you are likely to be successful

  • Are newly committed to a career as an independent executive, we can help you win your first assignment

  • Are a seasoned independent executive, looking to e.g. increase your rates, change markets/direction, reduce the size of your 'gaps', then we can help you do just that 

  • Are simply looking to sharpen your sales and marketing skills as part of your commitment to ongoing personal development, then this is the place to be  


We have worked with thousands of senior executives over the years from all disciplines (including General Management, Finance, HR, Marketing, Sales, Distribution, Supply Chain, Production, Project and Program Management) to help:

  • decide if an interim career is the right way forward for them and, if so,

  • help them build successful independent careers.


This work has culminated in the development of our flagship product 'BREAKOUT'. To read more about this click here.


Alternatively, if you would prefer to talk your aspirations and needs and how we could help, then please book a 45-minute. complimentary call, with absolutely no obligations to take it forward. Click the button and select the complimentary review service NOT the LHH 121.

How can we help?

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“In a few short hours he helped me crystalise my plans. His experience and abilities to transfer knowledge answered numerous questions – even questions I didn’t know I had! Simon has a friendly, yet authoritative style overlaid on a “get it done” approach. As a direct result of his insight and guidance, I have enjoyed an outstanding period in Interim Management.
Without doubt, time with Simon was one of the best investments I have ever made. Whether you are just thinking of stepping out on your own, are looking for a sounding board or need to re-focus, contact Simon. You will not be disappointed"

Eamonn Philipson

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