If you:

  • Are at the stage of considering a career as an independent executive as one of your options, we can help you decide if it would suit you and you are likely to be successful

  • Are newly committed to a career as an independent executive, we can help you win your first assignment

  • Are a seasoned independent executive, looking to e.g. increase your rates, change markets/direction, reduce the size of your 'gaps', then we can help you do just that 

  • Are simply looking to sharpen your sales and marketing skills as part of your commitment to ongoing personal development, then this is the place to be  


There are many ways for us to engage to make this happen. We offer online programs, webinars and one to one coaching to help you win the work you want. Prices range from completely free to £1000.00.

​Click here to find out more about our packages and pricing to help you select the one that is right for you.





If you would like to talk about your needs and the way forward, please book a complimentary call, with absolutely no obligations to take it forward. Click the button and select the complimentary review service NOT the LHH 121.

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